Vegan handbags made in Italy

A studio in Italy produces the humour.noir® vegan handbags. The top models in the collection are fitted with Murano glass handles and Swarovski® crystals.
humour.noir® bags are handmade in Italy. A small studio in the picturesque Italian region of Abruzzo: this is where bag makers produce the collection.

High standards for every bag

All the humour.noir® bags are manufactured by hand in a small workshop in the picturesque Abruzzo region of Italy. It all starts with a sketch of a bag model. Based on this design, the material combination, accessories and colour variations of each model are defined. The materials Piñatex®, Cartina®, cork and canvas are stored on high racks.
In the first step, the bag makers examine the precious materials before cutting. They then cut out the required template form of the materials by hand. This demands great attention to detail and a sensitive hand. They then smooth the edges and touch up the colour as necessary to ensure that the vegan handbag has no rough patches. Finally, they connect the interior of the bag with the exterior and sew it up to form a work of art
From the very first idea to the golden finish, the humour.noir® brand stands for exceptional quality. The philosophy of manufacture: a continuous self-critical approach. Only when all the golden accessories are polished, the beautiful handbag wrapped in tissue paper and laid in its well-styled box is the manufacturing process complete.

Handle made from Murano Glass

The humour.noir® collection also includes models with handles made of Murano glass, the most precious glass in the world. These arrive at the studio in specially upholstered wooden boxes. The art of glass blowing has a centuries-long tradition on the Murano archipelago, located in the lagoon of Venice. Each glass handle for a humour.noir® handbag is mouth-blown and, like all other elements, a wonderful unique element that was created exclusively for humour.noir®. The unmistakable spiral pattern of the humour.noir® glass handle is an eye-catcher. Just like the Swarovski® crystals.