Black-and-white thinking was yesterday! We love and stand for real sustainability and a healthy and balanced way of living in harmony.

This is a personal story about my wonderful grandmother Odette, my continuing source of encouragement and inspiration.

My grandparents belong to the former Siebenbürgen, part of the present day Romania, also known as Transylvania. At the time the family moved to the country side, because of my grandfather’s occupational situation, they found a beautiful mansion from the 18th century, embellished with white arcades and an original cannon hole in the dining room, occurred during the revolution in 1849, (converted into a beautiful display case until today) surrounded by beautiful and wide greenery.
The 50’s were drawn by everything was short: nutrition, clothes, raw materials for heating etc. Thus it happened one day, my grandmother found a dead fox early morning on the streets in front of their house. My grandparents already bred and cared for a large number of animals and pets, hence not having the heart to bury the fox without appreciation.
Their lifestyle represented a respectful life together with nature and across national and cultural borders and in full harmony. It was a cold winter that year, so they took the fox with them into their home. With support of my grandfather they created a beautiful stole, which kept my grandma warm during cold winters ever since. Even after over 50 years my grandma values the fox and her stole much, by sharing the story and treating and using it in a very respectful way.
Since my childhood and until today, the story teaches me true sustainability, appreciation, the circle of life as well as mutual respect.
For humour.noir® the story inspired me, questioning myself every day, thriving for real sustainability and improving constantly within the frame of possibilities. And sometimes making the impossible possible. It also reminds me that each of us is different in a very positive way, stopping the predominant black-an-white thinking, as everybody needs to define and incorporate sustainability according to one’s lights. So I am asking, why not wearing the old fur coat of your grandmother, while rejecting fur farms strictly, talking about it, fighting for the right and rediscover ourselves each day. Maybe by cycling to work, living a vegetarian life or consuming meat consciously from your nearby organic farm shop. What about planting your own vegetables at the balcony, not leaving the lights on unnecessarily and enjoying life with eyes wide open.

You make the change - every day!
Anke Fabritius - creative direction