British GQ

Distinctive and unmistakable

GQ is the Vogue for the man's world. The magazine began publication in 1950s. Initially only in the USA, and then successively in many other countries. So GQ has been in England since 1988. The print and online medium is the ultimate guide for the modern, style-conscious man - and offers not only fashion and lifestyle topics but also reports on pop culture and politics as well as feminine subjects.

In the April issue , the editors honour®. "A brand that is distinctive and unmistakable", says the British GQ. We can also be found in the May and June issue

British VOGUE

Designer Profile

„VOGUE’s power is universally acknowledged. It’s the place everybody wants to be if they want to be in the world of fashion“, is how the new British VOGUE editor Edward Enninful outlines the fascination of the world's most successful fashion magazine. In Great Britain, VOGUE has been around since 1916. Supermodels such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell often adorn the covers. Guest contributions by great writers are fascinating, for example, one of the most important contemporary writers, Virginia Woolf, wrote articles for VOGUE.

„A brand that is distinctive and unmistakable“, is what British VOGUE writes about humour.noir® in the current March issue. We can also be found in the April, May and June issues.

VOGUE Germany

Sustainabels Modelabels and alternatives to Cotton, Polyester and Co.

"Before it's in fashion, it's in VOGUE". In 1892, the international fashion magazine started and is currently published with separate editions in 20 countries. There is no other publication with such a huge impact on global fashion. In Germany, VOGUE first appeared in the 1920s. Remarkably, fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and the star photographers Bruce Weber and Peter Lindbergh all acted as co-editors-in-chief for one issue each.

The editors around Christiane Arp were impressed by humour.noir® and the basic idea "to produce a luxurious product that is also vegan and sustainable". The complete article can be read here:

Of course, VOGUE did not miss our appearance at the Berlin fashion fair NEONYT, which for VOGUE is "the new hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation". Here you can find our look directly from the catwalk:

Favourite companion

Sustainability and fair production conditions play the main roles in the "Green Darling" section of the popular consumer magazine Gala.
In this context, humour.noir® should of course not be missing, as our bags are made of 100% vegan raw materials - and are produced exclusively by experienced craftsmen in Italy.
Read here what the editors wrote about our satchel glory:

Vegan & luxurious

With over 70 years of experience and know-how, the trade journal TextilWirtschaft is amongst the most important media in the German fashion industry.
And as it is crucial for fashion to reinvent itself time and again, the journalists always have a view for the newcomers in the fashion world, who cause a stir in the big-player business with fresh concepts.
Read an article by TextilWirtschaft about humour.noir®:


Megawatt Glam

Annette Weber was editor-in-chief of the fashion and lifestyle magazine InStyle for almost ten years, before she reinvented herself as a blogger and influencer. Successfully: "Glam-o-meter", as her blog and the associated social media channels are called, is followed by tens of thousands of stylish and self-confident women.
"Sustainability cannot be better achieved. Coupled with style, elegance, outstanding quality and cool design" is her assessment of humour.noir®. The entire article by Annette Weber, you can read here:

Pssst, a little secret: The cognac-coloured glory is her new favourite bag.


Ecofaire fashion

Textilrevue is the leading Swiss trade journal for the fashion and textile industry. In addition to current national and international fashion topics, new labels are presented, manufacturers are portrayed, future trends are shown and new strategies in the retail sector are explained. The glory of humour.noir®was an essential part of the order guide for ecofaire fashion, so the unique nature of the different materials was highlighted.

Vegan fashion highlights from the Fashion Week in Berlin

Vegconomist is the business magazine for decision makers and influencers on the subject of vegan lifestyle. As part of the Berlin Fashion Week 2019, the magazine reported on the fashion highlights of NEONYT - the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation.
Here you can read why humour.noir® belongs to the selected fashion highlights:

The best Vegan Fashion Brands at NEONYT Fashion Week

London-based Eluxe Magazine is the first publication wholly dedicated to sustainable luxury. Editor-in-chief Chere Di Boscio wrote for well-known publications in Toronto, Dubai, Paris and Buenos Aires before she became independent in 2013. Its cosmopolitan nature is reflected in the content of the magazine and the daily social media: ethical travel and vegan fashion, beauty tips and recipes from all around the world.
"I’ve been following this brand since its very beginning, and meeting the women behind it in real life made me even more excited. The founder of the brand, Jenny Steinke, was so passionate, kind and lovely! The bags are so lux, unique, high-quality and each of them is really one-of-a-kind, and if you ask me, they’re just as lovely as any ‘it’ bag on the market!", is what Noa Ben Moshe writes about humour.noir® after meeting us at NEONYT. The complete article is here:

Das veganmagazin

Unique mix

Cosmopolitan, responsible and authentic. The veganmagazine from Hamburg is Germany's best-known vegan publication. Since April 2014, the magazine published by Christian Vagedes reflects the complete spectrum of a sustainable, humane and animal-friendly lifestyle: food, drink and health are just as much topics as economy, culture and fashion. Time and again the focus is on in-depth interviews. So that Vagedes, who is also founder of the Vegan Society Germany, recently talked with climate activist Greta Thunberg.

The editors especially liked the unique mix of exclusive and natural materials as well as the fair production conditions from humour.noir®.

Welt Vegan Magazin

Gentle (Fashion) Revolution

Not rebuking, but enlightening. That's the remit of the quarterly World Vegan Magazine, which has been around for about four years. This young print and online medium focusses on the topics of lifestyle, travel, nutrition and fashion - in the form of high-quality photo galleries and comprehensive reports on labels with sustainable products.

As a "gentle (fashion) revolution" and with harmoniously elegant photos, the editors featured humour.noir® in the 2019 spring issue.

Luxiders Magazine

Sustainability get-together

With an intelligent and cosmopolitan approach, Berlin's Luxiders Magazine - published in English, Spanish and German - offers stories about sustainable fashion, eco-design, natural beauty and a healthy lifestyle. The editorial team's aim is to offer readers "only the best of the best". The focus is on progressive, independent luxury brands - as well as socio-politically significant topics such as reducing poverty, environmental pollution and climate change.

In the central photo series in the 2019 summer edition, humour.noir® meets the labels Malina, Souldaze Collection, Anna Ruohonen and Beyond Skin.



Time for the beautiful things in life. The magazine WOHN!DESIGN summarises interesting topics and inspiring pictures about design, art and culture in seven issues per year. WOHN!DESIGN is a source of inspiration and information for all those who like to create, live beautifully and are fascinated by architecture and art. The handbag models Flair and Vibe by humour.noir®are presented in the November/December issue.