Exclusively leather-free bags

humour.noir® breaks new ground - in design, craftsmanship, service and particularly in materials. We respect the environment, all animals and people and we believe that fashion can work in harmony with these principles. We set out to discover and develop sustainable materials, so that we can conserve the natural world and habitats for the future. humour.noir® bags are manufactured from pineapple leaf fibres, recycled paper, tree bark and canvas. All bags are lined in radiant Jade d’Evie, a jade-green organic cotton. And, thanks to their natural materials - every bag in the collection is unique. As individual as each plant, each animal, and each person.

Material made from pineapple leaves

Piñatex® is a newcomer to the fashion trade and is made from the leaves of the pineapple plant. It is one of those rare substances that meets all the criteria for a sustainable raw material: it is produced naturally and sustainably. As a by-product of the pineapple harvest, it gives pineapple farmers an additional income. Piñatex® is a light, flexible and durable material, which is ideal for accessories. It feels warm and well-structured.
Pineapple-leather is the new vegan alternative to leather. The pineapple leaves are transformed into a material similar to leather. This is not woven, which means that the leaves are not first spun into a yarn. During the process, biological waste is produced, which can be used for fertiliser or biogas.

luxury handbags made from cork

Cork is one of the most remarkable products available from nature. It comes from the outermost bark of the cork oak and is also known as “vegan leather”. Soft yet robust, it has a wonderfully warm, dynamic feel and is completely sustainable. The cork oak is the only tree whose bark completely regenerates after every harvest. Not only is cork a renewable raw material - help to reduce CO₂ three times more than an unstripped tree.

Crinkled recycled paper

Cartina® is the first material made from recycled paper to arrive in the world of fashion. Cartina® is 100% animal-free and conserves natural resources during both extraction and production. Cartina® is especially robust, durable and waterproof, yet still very fine and supple. It is enticingly soft and subtly textured. A special feature is the design possibilities offered by the material: Cartina® can be printed individually with any design, giving every fashion item an unmistakeable touch.

Canvas made from organic cotton

Canvas used to be synonymous with canvas. Meanwhile, the vegan fashion uses the versatile fabric because of its special properties. At humour.noir®, we chose organic cotton canvas and found the fourth leather-free material for our beautiful handbags. The fabric is coated to be even more durable. Our special organic cotton canvas is made of different colored yarns firmly and tightly woven. Canvas is just like Piñatex®, Cartina® and cork a suitable leather substitute. For our vegan handbags only leather-free material is considered.

Precious details

Each humour.noir® handbag is fitted with 24ct gold plated accessories. These are both lead and nickel-free and emphasise the special nature of each handbag with their noble lustre. Hand-made zips ensure easy opening and closing. Some models have a spiral Murano glass handle that is individually handcrafted on Murano Island near Venice. These handbags are additionally captivating with lovingly applied sparkling Swarovski® crystals. The yarns used are made from recycled PET-bottles and impress with their strength and durability. For the dust bags GOTS certified organic cotton is used. Sustainability, craftsmanship and love in every detail: be unique. be extravégant.