As diverse as life 

Versatile bags for versatile human beings - around the globe. "Diversity" has many facets.
The natural materials used, Piñatex®, Cartina®, cork and canvas, are sustainable. The diversity of the natural and sustainable materials, their combination and the unique bag models we make from them, without leather. Today it does not take leather to make a durable, flexible fashion handbag. If you are familiar with the process of tanning, you can understand why we at humour.noir® have decided to find alternatives to leather production - we consistently use these alternatives to produce our first collection.

Women with their own style

"Diversity" also describes the humour.noir® client: she has her own style, her own lifestyle, is enlightened, open, knows of her life experience, represents her views - even if they are uncomfortable - and lives in a respectful way with people , animals and nature. The handbags are made for self-confident, successful and cosmopolitan women, because they combine femininity, strength and openness.

There is a lot of love in humour.noir®

The humour.noir® "Diversity" collection consists of 16 bag models. They are available in a total of 42 unique variations. They differ in color, shape, material mix and features. That's diversity!