This is the new brand humour.noir®

humour.noir® stands for sustainable, vegan women's handbags. Each of our bags is based on natural, carefully-selected raw materials. These are Piñatex®, Cartina®, cork and canvas.
humour.noir® handbags are perfect down to the last detail and show that an exclusiv and a sustainable lifestyle need not be mutually exclusive, but perfectly complementary. Ecological fashion can be luxorious. The slogan "be unique. be extravégant." characterises our brand humour.noir®: The highest demands on design, quality and materials meet the finest hand craftsmanship in the bags. Vegan and natural resources leave a positive footprint and conserve resources. We combine exclusive, natural, leather-free materials (Piñatex®, Cartina®, cork or canvas) in a unique mix to make every designer bag an experience. Be it a shopper, bucket bag or handbag - innovative young designs become vegan luxury handbags. A studio in Italy makes each model by hand. Our young brand attaches importance to fair production conditions.

humour.noir® is pure love

humour.noir® is love: love for nature, love for exclusive materials, love for unique designs, love for moving messages. For self-confident, modern women who express their personality with their fashion and lifestyle - while living diversity. humour.noir® customers have their own point of view, their own perspectives. They are enlightened and question fashion brands in terms of materials, design, workmanship and production. Existing products in the field of sustainable fashion accessories do not meet the requirements: design, quality and materials do not fully satisfy many women. humour.noir® shows that it can be done differently. The brand meets the spirit of the time with its vegan fashion accessories.

Collection with sixteen handbag models

Our first collection is called "Diversity" and has sixteen handbag models in a total of 42 variations. The collection includes a barrel, bucket bag, clutch, pouch, purse, satchel and shopper or tote bag. Based in Berlin, humour.noir® Germany GmbH is the company behind this exclusive, sustainable brand. The new brand was launched on the market in spring 2018 and stands for exclusive, vegan designer bags made from natural raw materials. The brand is aimed at women with high standards regarding sustainability, design, exlusivity and craftsmanship. Each handbag is intricately hand-made in Italy. The face behind the humour.noir® brand is the entrepreneur Jennifer Steinke.