About humour.noir®

Innovative, progressive, dedicated - humour.noir® reinterprets fashion. Inspired by the evolutionary vision of founder Jennifer Steinke and creative director Anke Fabritius, the brand defines luxury for the 21st century.

The core of tradition lies in the mantle of innovation

Natural, sustainable, yet stimulating, refreshing and at the same time vegan, vegetative and versatile - humour.noir® presents the selected materials in consummate perfection.
The striking products show the symbiosis of creative signature and Italian craftsmanship. An association that breathes a special quality, attention to detail, intimacy and pure passion.
Respect, fairness and sustainability are the pillars of the philosophy.
Respect means acceptance. Each person has the freedom to embody his or her own philosophy of life. Individuality and diversity - a contrasting harmony.
Fairness means transparency. Each partner is carefully selected and supported by humour.noir®. Proximity creates understanding of people and culture. The sense of togetherness as a key to long-term partnerships.
Sustainability means esteem. Respect for the natural origin, tradition, creative process, passion and the people who turn visions into reality.

A tribute to the modern woman

The modern woman - cosmopolitan, eloquent, attentive. Self-confident, self-determined, self-reliant. Individual and diverse - a contrasting harmony.

humour.noir® - a question of interpretation. With humour.noir®, the creative directors not only reinterpret fashion, but also - in line with the overall concept - interpret the origin in words. Humour as a combination of strength and fragility. Humour as a synonym for joy, esprit and refinement. Black as an expression of exclusivity, classics and elegance. Black as a symbol of self-confidence, strength and grace.

Loving life in the composition of words.

Creative Director Anke Fabritius & Founder Jenny Steinke