Exclusive fashion accessories - a new way of thinking, a different way of thinking, sustainable and vegan. That is humour.noir®. We combine a sense of art and aesthetics with elegance, innovative thought and a casual, natural approach. Carefully selected vegan and sustainable materials in premium quality are our standard. humour.noir® stands for precise craftsmanship - our handbags are manufactured in a traditional Italian workshop. A conscientious and self-confident way of life is our philosophy. humour.noir® is a vegan and extravagant fashion brand, extravégant. humour.noir® - the brand for animal-free, sustainable and exclusive accessories.

Winner of the German Design Award

Unique design, highest quality and a pioneering concept in the international fashion scene. The satchel glory by humour.noir® has been awarded the German Design Award, awarded in the category "Luxury Good".

In addition to the design, the "Special Mention" award also honours the commitment to sustainability and the overall concept of humour.noir®.

The award is presented by the German Design Council, the authority on brand and design in Germany. Founded in the early 1950s, today it supports the international business community in achieving brand value through design. That makes the Council one of the world's leading competence centres in communication and brand management in the design field. In addition to business associations and institutions, the exclusive network of foundation members includes the owners and branding leaders of many well-known companies.

The entire article to the German Design Award and the jury statement, you can read here: www.german-design-award.com.